Our Story

SmartMedia Labs was founded by AdTech and Blockchain pioneers Kim Perell, Tyler Moebius and Reeve Collins. This team has worked together for over 2 decades disrupting digital media as founders, investors and advisors for some of the largest AdTech companies in the space. Their exits and public markets caps exceed $15 billion in enterprise value.

And now.. they’re looking to unleash the tenets of blockchain across advertising.

Our Founders

Tyler Moebius

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Tyler has been an ad tech pioneer for nearly 20 years. He has built, grown and sold some of the largest global players in the sector. Previously Tyler was founder and CEO of Adconion Media Group alongside Kim Perell as President. Read Full Bio

Reeve Collins


Reeve Collins has been a long-standing serial entrepreneur in both the ad-tech and blockchain spaces. Prior to The Lab Reeve was the Co-founder and CEO of BLOCKv which provides an innovative platform... Read Full Bio

Kim Perell


Kim Perell is a entrepreneur, executive and investor with nearly two decades of experience in the internet technology sector. Kim is currently the CEO of Amobee, a global marketing technology company. Prior to Amobee, Kim was the CEO of Adconion Direct... Read Full Bio