Design, Develop and Distribute Highly Programmable NFTs

Capturing the hearts and minds of audiences - through their hands! Leveraging trademarked highly-programmable NFTs, known as SmartMedia Tokens®. 

Since 2018 we’ve been powering the new era of audience activation, engagement and loyalty by fusing the Blockchain (NFTs) with the programmability of Apps and the scale and precision of AdTech. 

We design, develop, and distribute high-impact mobile experiences that drive deeper brand engagement and better business outcomes for the world’s most innovative agencies and brands.

Think the gamification of advertising, meets an authentic exchange of value between brands and consumers.

SmartMedia Tokens® are highly-programmable NFTs - tethered to digital ads.

Because SmartMedia Tokens® are non-fungible tokens they can be bought, sold and traded across public blockchains and held in any ether wallet. 


But when the NFT is hosted on our private node on the BlockV Network the NFT comes alive and is transformed into a 3D/AR enabled SmartMedia Tokens® that can be programmed to look like an app, act like an app BUT without having to download an app! They can be viewed, picked-up, traded, sold and redeemed using any HTML browser.

A User-Friendly 

Branded Wallet

Our branded wallets make registration and ownership of NFTs a breeze - just double click - and you are in!


The NFTs can be stored on our network for speed and efficacy or they can be written to a public blockchain and traded on

Our Branded Wallet and SMOs allow users to:

Acquire an NFT with a QR code or Image Recognition.

Pick up an NFT off the map that was dropped at a live event or retail store.

View the 3D NFT in AR in your own living room or augment the retail experience.

Combine and unlock NFTs to incentivize a deeper more immersive brand experience.

The New Currency of Engagement. 

Branded Crypto Coins. 

Build brand equity and loyalty with your own branded NFTs. Native to our platform is the ability to reward and incentivize users with a branded 3D/AR enabled crypto coin. Users are able to collect, trade and redeem these coins for prizes, sweepstake entries, gifts, coupons or cash rebates. Because they are NFTs they can’t be counterfeit and can become your future loyalty program as well.


Branded NFT Marketplaces. We provide brands, artists, musicians or anyone the ability to design, develop and drop their NFTs on public blockchains or on their own private marketplace. This enables the owner of the NFT to sell the NFT for fiat currency, crypto currency or allow users to redeem the brand’s own crypto coin.

A Self-Service


Drag & Drop NFT Development Platform

An intuitive and easy to use UX that allows for rapid design, development and distribution of NFTs across any marketing campaign.

Allowing agencies, social influencers and brands to design and distribute mind-blowing audience activation campaigns.

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Innovative Brands Leveraging SmartMedia Tokens®

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The game utilizes a type of “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs), referred to as “SmartMedia Tokens,” to give “a robust experience including a game, social badges, rewards for virality... 

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Avocados From Mexico is known for bringing innovative digital ideas to the forefront ...and this year is no different, becoming the first brand to place its digital campaign assets in the blockchain. Read More

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